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According to the oxford dictionary a ‘contact sport’ is a type of sport in which participants come into physical contact with each other, this includes football, rugby, hocky and la cross. This essay will identifying the issue of whether ‘children under ten years of age be allowed to play contacts sports. This essay will examine three positives about contact sports in young children and three negatives.
Firstly one factor that parents should be aware of is the increased risk and regular amount of injuries, and in some serious cases can lead to death. For example, second impact syndrome occurs when a participant returns to his or her sport too early after suffering from a concussion and will obtain another concussion. This often causes fatal effects. When playing contact sports several concussions go undetected due to the difficulty in diagnosing whether it has healed or not. A concussion is when someone recives a blow to the head, face, jaw or any quick movment that would injure the brain stem or cause bruising on the brain. Even though death from sports injuries is rare, it has been proven that most death related injuries have been linked to contact sports.
Secondly another issue that parents need to be aware of is the increased in violence and aggression that is very common in contact sports. Athletes sometimes resort to violence, in hopes of injuring and intimidating the opponent. Participants are often rewarded for being aggressive and violent on the sporting field.…