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Media Share Assignment 1
Due Date: See course calendar
Create a video blog assignment in which you offer your audience a tour of a space you enjoy.
1. Choose a space you enjoy—Your bedroom, your kitchen, your car, Highland coffees, etc.
2. Choose artifacts in the environment that have significance to you.
a. Explain the artifacts’ significance (“This artifact reminds me of a time when….”)
b. For example: “My best friend gave me this DVD for my birthday last year, because it’s my favorite movie of all time.”
3. Tell at least 3 stories about specific artifacts in the environment you choose.

There is no minimum length of the video, but make sure you accomplish all aspects of the assignment listed above. Videos cannot be more than 10 minutes (due to the interface.)
Artifacts do not have to be physical objects—they can be locations in the space or aspects of the space you enjoy.
Think about the location your camera is placed. Can we see your face? Is it too dark in the room?
Utilize editing software to incorporate AT LEAST one edit in the video:
Edit can include:
A cut (an edit that eliminates dead air or cuts to a different part of the video)
A title card (included at the beginning at the video)
Text (incorporated to identify the environment/location or the artifact)
Grading Rubric: (6 points each)
1. Speaker chose three artifacts in the environment.
2. Speaker explained each artifacts’ significance.
3. Speaker