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Midwestern::Contemporary Art Case

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1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4. 2. Discussion part A. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------6. 3. Is Peter Smith micromanaging Keith Schmidt?------------------------------------------------------6. 4. The relationship between Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt-----------------------------------------6. 5. Disadvantages of micro-management ----------------------------------------------------------------7. 6. What type of conflict are they experiencing? Describe in detail and
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After the construction of the new facility kicked off in 1993, the company found itself on a big problem when it realized that the funding of the project significantly depended on the Peter Smith’s pledge. This situation was even worsened by the implementation of the new policy which required the non-profit organizations to record pledges as income. Through this policy, the Financial Accounting Board was to register pledges only after the money has been transferred.

Discussion part A
Is Peter Smith micromanaging Keith Schmidt? Please support and document your position.
The relationship between Peter Smith and Keith Schmidt:
From the case of the MCA, it can clearly be seen that Peter Smith is micromanaging Keith Schmidt. Smith seems to concentrate on every step that Schmidt is making on the matters concerning the museum. He is paying unnecessary attention even on the minor decisions that are made by Schmidt. In addition, Peter Smith is criticizing every decision made by Keith Schmidt; an indication that he is micromanaging him.
To start with, Peter Smith is determined to be involved in every decisions made. He is also very determined to avoid any delegation of decisions. In his management, Smith displays strong characteristics of micromanagers.
For the museum to realize its goals, the members of the board should work as a team in the realization of these goals. As Aucoin (2002) commented, those people who work well in the high