Essay Contemporary Cultural Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice

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Cultural diversity can be defined as the cultural differences that exist between people such as, language, traditions, and the religious beliefs along with the way society carries itself. It is inevitable in the United States to notice the wide variety of cultures that with the years have come to share this land with Americans.
With the increase of diversity in the country, comes a wide variety of issues facing all sectors. In the criminal justice sector we see issues such as racial profiling, discrimination amongst others.
In this paper the issues of excessive force against minorities and discrimination will be discuss with examples from recent years that have made the news.

On the morning of December 19, 2007, Police Officer
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She was not satisfied with this arrangement, so she filed a grievance, in response to which the department conducted a review finding a gender disparity in the availability of superior officer locker rooms.
For State Police Sgt. Susan Rottenburg the issue was a bit more complicated. She is assigned to the Logan Airport barracks which does offer a break room for both male and female superior officers; however, she would have to walk through the male dressing area in order to make it to her destination. This is something Officer Rottenburg was not willing to do and she made her voice be heard. Unfortunately, after writing a letter of complaint to the superiors, her cries went unanswered. The claim reached the state court system, where a trial court threw it out at an early stage. The union and the lieutenant appealed.
Case is still pending on a ruling whether to grant the officers what they want or to eliminate the gender based locker rooms all together. (, nd)
In this case I can see where the female officers feel discriminated against. Across the board male officers have always been offered the privilege to have their own locker rooms so their really isn’t much reason not to award it to the female