Contemporary Fashion Essay

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5 songs: * “Pump up the jam” * “1 thing” * “shake it off” * “diamonds” * “Barbie girl”
“Pump up the Jam” “Barbie girl” and “1 thing” all encourage me to do something productive at the moment when hearing this weather it is homework or just dancing. “Diamonds” by Rihanna carries a luxurious type of feel in my opinion. “Shake it off” by Mariah Carey impact me by allowing me to shake off the small things and move on to bringing ones
5 films: * “Sparkle” * “Matilda” * “Peppy long Stockings” * “Finding Nemo” * “Selena”
“Matilda” “Sparkle” “Selena” and “Peppy long stockings” all influence me to reach for my goals regardless of the distractions in life, and achieve the. Starting young could be a good idea. “Finding Nemo” made me realize not to give on something that’s worth looking for.
5 foods: * Sushi * Seaweed soup * Fruit salad * Tuna * Mac & Cheese
Seaweed soup and sushi are my Japanese cultural favorites. The mixing of flavors and colors into one mix, fruit salad, reminds me of the world today with all the different races of people. Tuna reads to me as the rarest taste ever which not everyone can like. Mac & Cheese impacts me with the long lived side dish characteristic everyone loves.
5 fashion items: * Chanel Purse * Burberry Trench Coat * Red pumps * Black Pants * Fur vest
The Chanel Purse can act as a statement piece or even a vintage accessory in my opinion. The same for the Burberry Trench Coat. The red pumps is a must have statement piece even if it’s just paired with jeans. One can never go wrong with Black Pants, they are essential and versatile. Fur Vest in my opinion is like frosting of the cake, its ties the pieces together.

5 people: * CoCo Chanel * Salvatore Ferragamo * Christian Louboutin * Yoji Yamamoto * Hanae Mori
CoCo Chanel is someone I look up to with a high couture legacy that many designers can’t top. Ferragamo is always in my best interest when it comes to genuine Italian leather. Christian Louboutin impacts me with the verity or styles and designs of shoes, all with a red bottom. As for Yamamoto and Mori, they impact me with the unique