Contemporary or Modern Day Slavery Across the Globe Essay

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek

The music at the beginning of this video is very emotional and beautiful with harmony and melodies, during this song the solider are preparing a man for hanging. They tied his hands and feet and put the noose around his neck, then the music switches to an upbeat song where we then see his beautiful wife and children, we see them happy and smiling when suddenly the scene of his hanging reappears. When he is hanged, the rope breaks. Farquhar falls into the water, while underwater, he takes advantage of the opportunity to free his hands and untying the rope from around his neck. When he reaches the surface, he realizes his senses are extraordinary. He can see the individual blades of grass and the colors of bugs on the leaves of trees, despite the fact that he is spinning and treading in a river. When he realizes that the men are shooting at him, he gets out of the water and makes it to dry land. He makes his way through a desolate and outwardly unrelenting forest, struggling to reach his home nearly 30 miles away. During his journey through the day and night, he is fatigued, footsore, and famished, urged on by the thought of his wife and children. He begins hallucinating, hearing unusual noises from the woods around him. Because of this he believes he has fallen asleep while walking. At this time the music switches again to a lovely bright, uplifting song as he runs to see his intact home, with his beautiful wife outside. As he reaches her, he…