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Faculty of Business and Law

Examination Paper

Module Code: SIM337

Module Title: Contemporary Developments in Business and Management

Date: October 2012

Time: [UK time]

Duration: 3 Hours


Assessment weighted at 100% assessing all module learning outcomes

Part 1: Answer FIVE out of ten questions (50 marks)

Part 2: Answer ALL THREE questions in ONE of the sets of questions (50 marks)

Examination based on pre-prepared notes (Up to three hours)

This is an open book examination. As such you may take into the exam notes comprising of no more than ten sheets (therefore twenty sides – double sided) of A4 white paper with handwritten (or typed in font size 8) notes. Your notes must include a clearly identified summary of your chosen organization or industry sector (no more than 400 words). You will be able to take these notes into the examination room and they must be handed in with your examination paper.

You should refer to your notes but you should not merely copy them as you will be expected to apply and expand upon them in relation to the questions asked.

You are allowed a paper translation dictionary.

The invigilators will be requested to confiscate any sheets taken into the exam above this number and the attempt to use additional materials will deemed an infringement of the examination regulation.

Examination Questions: Up to three hours
Part 1 Answer 5 out of 10 questions (weighting 50%)

1. In relation to your chosen organization and/or its industry sector briefly explain one of the forces in Porter’s Five Forces Analysis. Illustrate your answer with organization/industry-specific examples. (10 marks)

2. What are the main drivers of the expansion of international trade and how do these drivers affect your chosen organization and/or a firm(s) in your chosen industry sector. (10 marks)

3. Within countries there are often great differences of wealth and incomes. How do these differences affect your chosen organization and/or firms in your chosen industry? (10 marks)

4. With an increasingly integrated world economy regional political/economic organizations are increasingly important. Consider one of these (EU, NAFTA, ASEAN or similar) and briefly explain some of the ways in which it is important to your organization or industry sector. (10 marks)

5. What are the main factors included in the “ease-of-doing-business” index? Explain how some of these affect your chosen organization and/or firms in your chosen industry? (10 marks

6. Health and Safety (H&S) laws are important for all businesses. How do H&S laws affect your chosen organisation or industry? (10 marks)

7. Explain briefly the impact of technological change on your chosen organisation and/or industry (10 marks)

8. Explain what is meant by the foreign currency exchange rate and how it is important for your chosen organization or industry sector. (10 marks)

9. Porter (1980) has identified four strategic positions that firms may adopt. To what extent do these positions apply to your chosen organization or organizations in your chosen industry? (10 marks)

10. Choose one or two of the following elements of culture and explain how it affects the operations of your chosen organization