Essay about Content and Importance of user and technical documentation

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Content and Importance of user and technical documentation. The content & importance of the user documentation
The user manual contains a lot of content. It shows who will be actually using the system or the main target audience. The user documentation will provide the user with a simple instructions manual or sheet which guides the user based upon their view on the system. This would need to simple as the users do not have the knowledge like the IT technicians, whereas the technicians would possibly have it in a programming language, like pseudo­code which is more difficult to understand. The main content of the User documentation would mainly include: ●

how to install the system onto specific hardware

methods of input of data

examples of valid input

examples of output screens

error messages and what to do when they appear

The content & importance of a technical documentation
The technical documentation also contains a lot of content, also it importance is very high too.
This document is is designed for a future system developer. It is basically a sheet which show technicians how to solve and prevents bugs and glitches. This would mainly show the common bugs which normally happen to the system, possibly it will include methods of solving bugs which happened to the recent or past system. This document is very valuable for the maintenance process because it will shows how each part of the system has been constructed and the reasons/ or views on why it was created. the purpose of the technical document is to show and allow the user to…