Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Continuing Academic Success

How Setting Goals Can Lead to Success

Goal setting is essential to success. You can’t get the things that you want out of life if you don’t know exactly what it is that you want. I think that setting goals gives people something to strive for in all areas of life. For example, “Goal setting is a skill that is taught and learned, and it is an essential component of diabetes education.” Gonzalez,A.(2008, December 10). In Goal Setting, Let Your Patient Lead. Endocrine Today, 6(22),1. It is what helps us to set our plans in motion.

One Educational Goal and One Career Goal

One educational goal for me is to, of course, get the degree that I am going for, but also to make sure that I do all of my work to the best of my abilities. My major career goal is to get a job doing something that I will enjoy. I believe that if people enjoy the career that they have, then they will excel at what they do. Liking the things that we do gives us initiative to do them well. For example, if a person has a job that they really don’t like, then they won’t really care to do it to the best of their abilities. They will do the minimum of what is required.

How the Writing Process Can Help You Advance in Your Education and Your Career

I think that the writing process can help people to excel academically and professionally in different ways. In school students are asked to write many different papers throughout the years. Knowing what the process is for writing can definitely help you advance in your education for that reason alone. In many different job requirements, you will see writing abilities. According to the job, you may have to be able to write different things such as, emails, reports, proposals, etc. Knowing the writing process in these situations can definitely help you to advance in your career. Knowledge of how to write can help in many different areas of life.

An Example of How the Information from your Ethical Lens Inventory Can Help You Make Better Decisions

“All ethical issues are not created equal when it comes to root cause.” Jennings, M.M.(2010, November/December). Grappling With the Four Levels of Ethical Issues. Corporate Finance Review, 15(3), 36-44. In your Ethical Lens Inventory, you will find your core values, as well as, what your blind spot, risk temptation, etc. is. All of the information from your Ethical Lens Inventory can help you to make better decisions. For example, my temptation in my Ethical Lens Inventory, is entitlement. The information about this states that not accurately assessing myself or the situation at hand can lead to me thinking that I am entitled to special privileges. Knowing this will now make me aware of what I may be tempted to do, and I can try to make sure that I assess myself and the situation at hand, so that I don’t do this. Therefore, I will make better decisions.

The Steps You Will Take to Improve Your Critical-Thinking Skills

When students are making decisions, they use their critical thinking skills. “Students should be provided with opportunities for self-assessment, peer dialogue, and engaging with feedback from the teacher in order to develop their skills at self-regulating their learning.” Thomas, T. (2011, April). Developing First Year Students’ Critical Thinking Skills. Asian Social Science, 7(4), 26-35. ProQuest Central. The area of critical thinking that I have the most trouble in is that I don’t manage my time for researching my sources very well. This causes me to spend too much time on my first main source, and not enough time on my other sources. I know that this area needs improvement, so in order to do this I will look for ways to help me with this. Some examples