Continuing Academic Success

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Continuing Academic Success
Shawana Wright
GEN/200 Natalie Douge

Continuing academic success is imperative in today's society. The majority of the jobs in today’s society require you to have a formidable educational background to be considered for employment. The ability to continue and grow in academic achievement is necessary toward the efforts of furthering a career, gaining work experience, and future successes as a professional.
Continuing Academic Success
Even though in today’s society, personal connections mean more than academic knowledge, continuing academic success plays a significant role in your future as well. Being able to continue and grow in academic success helps the student further his or her career and gain more experience in his or her career field, as well as promote his or her future successes as a professional. A person who is literate and knowledgeable about the subject matter can earn promotions to higher positions with roles that necessitate the employment of a well-educated employee. It helps open up various opportunities in a person’s career based off of everything they will have learned from an academic program. Academically successful adults are those who have a higher level of education. These people are more likely to gain employment, as well as employment stability.
Gaining more experience provides them with available resources in their current career field and keeps them updated with any changes that take place within that career field. They may be provided with hands-on opportunities such as internships. Doing so allows them actually to see what they will be doing once they have entered into their specified career field. There is a substantial base of knowledge and specialized skills that are required depending upon your career. Their future successes as a professional are gained through continuous learning that allows the professional worker to recognize growing developments and challenges in his or her field. It also disciplines the professional worker into applying learned new methods and reasoning, or discovering new ways to identify the results and solve future problems as well. Students who have played sports have shown to display more confidence, the ability to manage stress effectively, and the capacity to focus and block out any distractions. Setting goals enables the student to work towards something. It further assists in helping them reach their success level. In order to succeed in life, everyone needs to set some goal for themselves. Not only is it a major step in life but it is something that someone may look back on. One educational goal that has been set for myself is to finish my degree before turning thirty. The most successful people are as successful as they are because they have set goals. The career goal that has been set is to earn a degree and begin working in the career field. The steps that will be taken to improve critical thinking skills are remembering what has been read, understanding it, applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. Breaking down each of these steps will broaden your vision on critical thinking. When it comes to decision-making emotions, sometimes play a vital role in it. If the student uses the critical thinking steps when approached when making a decision this will allow them to make a decision based on what they know rather than how they feel. Be sure that what you are