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Continuity and Change
Ac 1a. Give a precise definition of continuity and change in its Historical sense.

Working Definition:
“One of the keys to continuity and change is looking for change where common sense suggests that there has been none and looking for continuities where we assumed that there was change. Judgments of continuity and change can be made on the basis of comparisons between some point in the past and the present, or between two points in the past etc…. We evaluate change over time using the ideas of progress and decline.” Key questions to be discussed or responded to in essay could include:
1. What aspect of history do historians use to establish divisions?
2. Why are certain divisions particular to a historian’s account, while others are commonly agreed upon as significant?
3. What distinguishes an “era” or an “age”?
4. Are there events in the period or context that we see as potentially emerging as tipping points for the future course of events?
5. What factors in our present society may still be influenced?

AC 1 B
Cite a range of examples of aspects of history in which continuity and change would be an effective means of study
Religious Policy

AC 1 b comment on advantages and disadvantages of this approach.

1. Allows assessment of degree of historical progress

Continuity- Continuity allows assessment of degree of development and the reason behind it such vested interest, rigid caste systems, strongly help beliefs resistance and tradition.
Change - change, a significant alternation in the patterns of political and social structures. Allows identity of change, what changes, level of…