continuting education Essay

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Picture yourself having to wake up at 4:30 Am and drive for a hour just to get to your job. Monday through Saturday to put in a fourteen hour shift does not seem so pleasnt. The fact that my father has bin doing that for the past 10 years just to give his family a home and food every night just show that he is a stong hard working man ,and does al he can for his family. I have not yet once seen him complain about his job.

I admire my father I am seritcantly a very blessed girl to have someone in my life who is whilling to do what ever for me. In return all he ask is for my to contunie my education. A Associate's Degree from Lone Star College-Montgomery will let me pruse my dream not only to make my father proud and pay him off for all he has gaven me ,but it will give me the opportunity to lead myself in any direction I please, I will have the advantage to become more indepentent and responsible.

Hearing my mom tell me im a nobody in life was hard to hear and it would hurt my feelings. I wasn't sure what i had done to her for her to tell me that. Or why she was mad at me all the time. I never did anything to cause all these harsh words she told me. I grew up being told that it built low self estime for me as a child. I felt like i was stupid and never smart enough to do anything. Fresh man year came around and my mom would tell me just drop out that i was just wasting my time just like all my cousins did since none of them graduated. I set my goals high and i was…