Continuum of Long-Term Care Essay examples

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The Continuum of Long-Term Health Care

Lisa Lewis


August 9, 2010
John Dean

The Continuum of Long-Term Health Care

Health care is a fascinating industry. So many types of care are included within the industry. Health care can be very broad or very specific. Health care is also comprised of different types of health care. One specific sector is long-term health care. Long-term care plays a huge role in the health care continuum. This paper will define long-term care and a continuum as well as discuss the services provided and how these services fit in the continuum of care, the resources that go along with long-term care and how it contributes to overall health care resources, and how long-term care services
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“The Formulary Finder for Prescription Drug Plans tool will allow you to find plans in your state that match your required drug list” (, Resource Locator). The directory for doctors is a tool that can be very helpful when deciding the next course of action in long-term care. “You can use the Physician and Other Healthcare Professional Directory tool to search for basic information about physicians and many other types of healthcare professionals including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, social workers, psychologists, and physical therapists” (, Resource Locator). This tool will also show with what hospital each doctor is affiliated. “On the Hospital Compare tool you will find information on how well hospitals care for patients and results from a survey of patients about the quality of care they received during a recent hospital stay” (, Resource Locator). Finding a drug and health plan along with an appropriate doctor and good hospital will lead into making a long-term health care plan. “The Long-Term Care Planning tool is to help you understand: what long-term care services are available, how much you can expect to pay for long-term care, and what financing options are available to support your long-term care costs” (, Resource Locator). The LTC tool is the most helpful to see which LTC facility would be most beneficial. Providing LTC at home can