Contract: Gentlemen ' s Agreement and Product Trial Essay

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Product Trial Agreement
This Product Trial Agreement in entered into as of the 30th day of November 2014 as effective date, by Motherhood Inc. (“Motherhood”), located at 2300 Riverside Drive, Jupiter, FL 33458, and Devil Kids Daycare Center (“DKDC”) located at 128 Everglades Parkway, Miami, FL 33786.
Product Trial Description: DKDC agrees to undertake and complete the trial in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to the trial, including the rules and regulations concerning by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Motherhood agrees to provide DKDC the trial products for 2 months for the interval of the trial. Motherhood shall retain all products promptly after completion of agreement. DKDC agrees to take the following steps in order to fully conduct the trial and deliver the requested data. Motherhood will provide five (5) plastic three-wheeled small motorbikes to use by the age group of two (2) to four (4) at the location of DKDC. The bikes have to be driven at least five (5) minutes per day during the trial period. The products are manually operated by the defined age group, and have no electrical part that would affect performance or other outcome data. The products are equipped with an external counting device for the accuracy of time and distance driven on them.
Funding: Motherhood shall provide payment to DKDC upon completion of the product trial, and schedule the payment for the week of January 25, 2015. The applicable budget has been determined by Motherhood and agreed by DKDC in the amount of five thousand (5,000) dollars (USD).
Compliance with Requirements: Any changes to the requirements may only be made with prior written agreement of Motherhood. If Motherhood feels that it is necessary to deviate from the requirement in order to protect the physical well being of the participating parties, Motherhood has full right to do so, with noting the new requirements towards DKDC.
Restrictions and Compliance with Laws: Motherhood and DKDC agree that the products will be used for the