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Contract Short Paper
Christopher A. Paul Sr.
Ashford University
Professor Buenger late to ask about the flood problem that existed. Once we moved in, we discovered that we had septic tank problems and problems with the water flowing into the county ditch. My wife and I had many people come and look at the problem and all of them gave the same answer about adding dirt and top soil to my property. One contractor came out and told me to come around to the side of my house near the garage; he then pointed up the street and showed me how my lot was cut to be a natural drain for the whole sub-division! This made me furious but as I sat and thought about it, this whole process was my fault because I didn’t take the time and examine all aspects of home buying and land purchasing The non- breaching party may have deducted the cost or fixed the problem if I would have caught it sooner but I didn’t mention it, therefore he didn’t either. It was no need in trying to contact any legal advice because contracts were signed and the deal was done. So, to all home buyers and land purchasers; please by mindful of what you are purchasing. I also recommend that you let a person who knows what to look for, tag along with you during every aspect of the purchase. This will help you avoid the thousands of dollars I have spent “out of pocket”, trying to fix my water flow problem whereas if I knew before hand, I could have chosen to make the contractor