Contracts: Contract and Agreement Essay examples

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1. Recitals.
2. Employment.
3. Duties.
4. Term.
5. Compensation.

Employer Information
Phone Number
Fax Number
Performer Information
Stage or Performance Name
Number of Performers
Name of First Performer
Who has contract signing authority?
Performer Contact Information
Phone Number
Fax Number
Venue Information
Venue Name
Phone Number
Performance Description
Performance Team
Performance Date
Setup Date
Set Up Time
Number of Sets on this Date
Payment Type
Fixed Fee Amount
Deposit to Performer
Deposit Amount
Deposit Date
Overtime Rate Required
Purchase will pay for any of the Performer’s Expenses
Purchase will withhold applicable taxes
Agreement Cancelation Deadline
Final Cancelation Date
Performer Duties and Obligations
Will the performer be required to learn new songs for the Performance?
How many new songs will the Performer be required to learn?
Can the Performer sell CD’s and merchandize at the Performance?
Is the Performer committed exclusively to the Employer for the period of the Performance?
Does the Performer have sole authority to make changes to key personnel?
Must the Performer obtain liability insurance prior to the Performance?
Is there a minimum dress code for the Performer?
Is the Performer prevented from bringing any hazardous material?
Is the Performer allowed to use pyrotechnics?
Is the Performer allowed to have alcohol at the Venue?
Employer Duties and Obligations
Is advertising by Employer required?
Must the Employer obtain liability insurance prior to the Performance?
Unresolved disputes go to mediation before arbitration?
Miscellaneous Items
Who will provide the light and sound system?
Signing Details
Are witnesses required to witness the signing of the Agreement?

For this assignment, I used various websites to add clauses to satisfy the client’s needs based on her preferences. There were many clauses that I had to add to this contract, since the paralegal was not well prepared for the interview and missed many important points that were crucial to this contract.
A. The Performer is a professional entertainer known as ___________________; and
B. The Employer wishes to engage the Performer and is willing to undertake to do so, subject to the terms and conditions as follows:
IN CONSIDERATION OF and as a condition of the Employer hiring the Performer and other valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which consideration is acknowledged here, the parties to this Agreement agree as follows:
Business Address of the Performer
1. Any payments by check or money order should be made out to
2. The Performer's business address is as follows:

Business Address of the Employer
3. The Employer's business address is as follows:

4. The place of performance (the "Venue") is located at:
5. The entertainment to be provided by the Performer is generally described as ___________ (the "Performance").

Date and Time of Performance
6. The date of the Performance is ___________________. The Venue will be available for set-up and sound check on ___________________ at _____. The Performer will play 1 set on this date as follows:
7. The Performer will be paid upon completion of event.
8. All forms of payment will be at the Employer’s discretion.
9. Payment of the Fee cannot be made until a copy of the Performer's W-9 and Social Security Number or Federal Identification Number (FEIN) is provided to the Employer. A copy of a W-9 form must be completed and returned in order for the Payment to be processed.

10. Performer will not be reimbursed non-scheduled hours worked, unless approved directly by management.

11. The Employer will pay to the Performer $_____ US Dollars as a deposit (the "Deposit") by ___________________. If the Employer