Essay about Contracts: Prime Number and Athens State University

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How to avoid making mistakes in Government Contracts??/


Alicia Aryna Alldredge

This Acquisition and Contract Management Capstone Project was prepared under the direction of the candidate’s Course Professor, Dr. Charles Roberts Associate Professor, Athens State University, and has been approved. It was submitted to Athens State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Bachelor of Science

ACM 400 Course Professor:

Dr. Charles Roberts



Researcher: Alicia Aryna Alldredge

Title: How to avoid making mistakes in Government Contracts

Institution: Athens State University

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Year: 2012

Table of Contents Page
Title and Cover Page i
Acknowledgements ii
Abstract iii
List of Tables ix
List of Figures x
I Introduction 1
Background of the Problem 1

Researcher’s Work Setting and Role 4
Statement of the Problem 5
Significance of the Problem 5
Assumptions 6
Limitations 7
List of Definitions 9
List of Acronyms 12 II Review of Relevant Literature 13 Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Journals and Online Databases 14 Government Agency Reports 18 Austin Public Library Resources 25 Statement of Research Questions 28 III Research Methodology 29 Problem and Purpose of Research 29 Research Method and Design 29 Definitions of Dependent and Independent Variables 30 Participants 31 Materials