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Compare and Contrast the role of religion in a society’s culture, focusing on how it can divide and how it can separate those who live in that society
While most religions are very similar, and should be recognized for those similarity, and compared to the lack of values in atheist society, most religious people focus on their differences and exclusivity, rather than the similarities, and possibility that god exists at the center of all religion. There is no reason for religion to divide the world, except that too many people want to claim that their religion is the only one and not accept any other as legitimate, and thus conflict arises. Religion divides the world, rather than unite it as it should.

Historically, religion has always been used to categorize people into different classes and hierarchies. Religion (especially the Abrahamic faiths) has the tendency to group people into groups in order to show that it stands out from other communities and religions. This tendency came from the fundamentals of the religion; that is, religion tries to divide between good and evil, and this division can only be performed with some sort of definition; hence good is defined as such, and evil is defined as such; accordingly, people who belong into that particular definition of 'good' is called the 'believers' and likewise, those who belong into the definition of evil is termed 'sinners.' From there, the whole process of giving definition and categorization escalates, until it becomes the reality of the society we see today. Religion categorizes, and with categorization, divide is inevitable.
Going to the bare basics, a man and woman from two different parts of the world, different culture, different religions can fall madly in love with each other, be soul mates, have deep conversation 24 hours in a row, pausing only to sleep. But can never be together forever because the differences in religion makes things very difficult. Even to compromise to a point seems impossible. It is never fair for a lover to lose his/her identity for his/her partner despite being madly in love with each. These differences are the reason why they fell in love with each other. But the religion simply does not allow it. It is a shame because the world loses a pair of lovers that long to be together.
Religion influences children and their upbringing: children are indoctrinated in certain belief systems and are not given freedom to choose for themselves
- Religion gives alibis for killing others without remorse
- Religious beliefs lead this world to the state of overpopulation and bring our planet to the tipping point
- Religions…