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Differences between OAU and PGCC Going to college is important for students. Students move from different countries to attend several colleges. Most colleges do have several similarities; however, they have lot of differences. There are two major colleges students contrast against each other: Obafemi Awolowo University, and PG Community College. There are several differences between schooling in OAU and PGCC. First, the first difference between OAU and PGCC is their level of education. In OAU, their level of education is nothing compared to that of PGCC because of their lack of technology. There is insufficient technology in OAU because the school does not have enough funds to provide computers for students. On the other hand, there is insufficient technology in PGCC. Most teachers and students in PGCC use computers for teaching, reading, and dictionary. The teachers in PGCC allow their students to use computers because it allows fast teaching unlike in OAU. Furthermore, the teachers in both colleges are quite different from each other. In PGCC, there are hardworking teachers who get to class early, whereas in OAU, the teachers come late to class, sleep during class, and never give assignments or tests to students. Secondly, the crime rate is another difference between