Essay on Contrast: Linguistics and Hughes Poem

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English February 17, 2013

Contrast Essay

Many dreams are accomplished, but then again many dreams are lost. At times when dreams are left in back of some ones head, regrets come with it. In Hughes poetry, he describes his thoughts of dreams that are left unsaid, and dreams that have matured. In my poems I describe both success, and forgotten dreams.

In my poem, what happens to forgotten or lost dreams? I speak from the shoes of my god father who was never able to accomplish the business he wanted to have. I wrote, "Follow your heart, you will never know when you can have the next fresh start" I meant it in a literal form. Your heart always wants one thing, while your brain tells you other wise. You can never know when you'll have a second chance to anything, and in this case he was never able to do what his heart desired. I chose that part of my poem because in my head I can picture a heart with dreams in it, and my uncle behind it trying to reach for it. I feel like if he would have followed what he wanted to do, things for him, and his family would have been different.
In Hughes poem, Dreams Deferred. Hughes tries to prove the point of dreams that are either being left behind, or being stressed on. He says, “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore and then run? I think with this he means do you leave a dream hidden, or do you accomplish what you wanted to pursue. i think he uses this much imagery to show how important it is to know the different between success, and failure.

In my other poem, what happens to achieved or realized dreams? I speak from my brother’s perspective because he has a lot of success in his life. He grew up in a rough neighborhood but he still managed to put himself through college and become the successful man he is today. I wrote, “you might fall on your way to the top" I wrote this because I meant to stress the fact that to be successful you have to bump into a lot of things. I also pictured a hill and some one trying to get to the tip of the hill, and