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For the first fourteen years of my life I lived in Pennsylvania, and the last nine years I have spent in various locations throughout Florida mainly in Saint Petersburg. I found out the hard way that there are many differences between living up north, versus living in the south. The main three differences I have found were weather, education, and lifestyle. The weather is a given; I was prepared for this one, or so I thought. I made the desired change, going from where the seasons hit harder and weather varies much more. In Pennsylvania, we had maybe two or three months of decent weather in a good year. This is obviously summer, at least those that were not ruined by rain. Rain is one of the biggest differences between the weather in Pennsylvania and Florida. In Florida it will rain for five minutes, and then stop; also this is the first place I have ever seen where I can be standing on one street and be dry while watching it rain ten feet in front of me on the next block. However, in Pennsylvania it typically rains for days at a time. Also, the next biggest weather difference is snow, which is the most obvious. It is possible for it to snow in Florida, which I was able to experience when I lived in Port Charlotte. The only problem is once the snowflakes hit the ground, they turn right to water. I do not think I need to explain what snow is like in Pennsylvania, where I have experienced snow as high as I was while growing up. Another difference is the way seasons change. Seasons in Pennsylvania are more colorful and more noticeable, and in my opinion more beautiful. In Florida, the only thing that really happens while seasons change is occasional cold fronts along with plenty of pollen. I do not miss how cold it always was in Pennsylvania, even though there was nothing like being cuddled up in a couple blankets next to a heater drinking hot chocolate. The weather in Florida definitely has my applause with no competition, especially because I am an athlete now I have the opportunity to play sports year round. Next, education was another huge difference I noticed probably faster than the weather. I was not prepared for this one, however. While up north I was in regular classes, by this I mean no advanced or honors classes. Within my first semester of high school in Florida, I realized what I was learning in those regular classes was in fact almost two full years ahead of the regular classes in Florida, which led to the change of being switched into all honors classes. Even in the honors classes, I was not learning anything new until midway through the first school year in Florida schools. Matter of fact, I actually noticed another minor change just from switching from Port Charlotte to Saint Petersburg high schools; with Port Charlotte being…