Essay on Contributing and improving procedures regarding vulnerable participants

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Contributing and improving procedures regarding vulnerable participants.

In my job as manager it is my responsibility to ensure participants have a fun and safe environment and that I am alert to any risk posed from anyone- including family members or even other participants. Also to educate staff by giving a copy of our procedure and having discussions on how they understand what is expected of them. Placing signs around the building where needed, such as “no photos to be taken”, informs customers and parents of our policies and making sure that the staff enforce the rules also giving them support if there is a problem, such as:- someone who does not want to follow the policy we have.
Policies and procedures might not be followed by everyone, be it staff not enforcing rules - In which case I would address that member of staff and also inform the other staff members it is unacceptable to do so, or if they have misunderstood then look at the way I explained and re-address all staff to make sure they “all” understand what is expected. Parents and customers may not understand or disagree with our polices and are normally happy when someone explains why they are in place but on some occasions if they are still unhappy I may have to step in and explain once again or for the safety of all I will have to remove them from the situation.
Making sure that members of staff have the confidence to speak to you if they suspect any kind of abuse is important, it’s also important that members of the public find you easy to approach because they could have seen something as well and making it fun and safe for the participants will hopefully make them feel comfortable to talk to you about things that are happening.
If there is an incident where someone suspects possible abuse they are to report it to the ALOM, they then must deal with the incident as a matter of priority and stay calm while recording any observations or conversations on the incident form, the police are to be contacted if necessary. ALOM then informs and passes onto the LOM who is then to contact the Children and Young People Information Service. Parents or carers of the vulnerable people are to be contacted by the LOM unless it is unsafe to do so. The LOM