Contributing Factors In The Development Of The Western Governor's University

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Western Governor’s University
The Nile River was a great contributing factor in the development of early Egypt. It is the country’s longest running river, and runs right through Egypt.
The location of the river added convenience, which aided agricultural abilities helping to boost civilization. Farmers used the water for irrigation since most of Egypt is dry. During the long rainy season, the Nile would flood. When the flood occurred it would drop deposits of silt, a rich soil ideal for growing crops. The farmers would then spend long, laborious hours cultivating and preparing the land for planting. They also spent time making dikes and ditches to retain the water for irrigation uses throughout
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(Udall & Emmons, 2003)
The dust bowl also played a role in the development of the west, namely central and southern California.
Farmer’s flocked to the southern plains with promise of a great agricultural land. However, they were unaware that this land was no stranger to drought and high temperatures. Farming greatly increased the amount of bare, dry land that would result from little to no water for the crops. The fields were left as dry barren patched of dirt and dust. The increased lack of rain lead to hard times for those located in the Great Plains. Strong unending winds pushed thru causing ginormous black clouds of dust to roll through. This made it difficult to breathe or see.
After years of drought, farmers finally realized that the lush green fields would never return. Many picked up their families and headed west in search of employment and a better life. A quarter of the population left the region. ("Surviving the dust," 2009)
The majority of those that fled headed to central and southern California. It is said that 10% of the fleeing population went to California. At one point the Los Angeles police had to send out policemen to patrol the boarders to keep the less desirable migrants out. California was becoming too populated and as a result jobs became scarce. Other fled to the north and east. They traveled to big cities like Pittsburg and Detroit