Control Engineering: DC Series Motors Essay

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AC wound rotor motors are widely used in lifts and elevators. AC wound rotor motors are designed to withstand high mechanical forces so, thses motors are used for high torque applications. AC wound rotor motor can be used for soft starts and adjustable speeds. Suitable control system is necessary for this motor, otherwise it can’t be used effectively. they need more advanced control mechanisms so that passengers can operate the elevator inside the lift itself. The control system regulates the entire movement of elevators. In multi-story buildings system keeps track all the up-calls and down-calls and when the call is made by passengers. Calls are made by a keypad controller. . Also, the system should calculate the start-up torque. This is done by a variable voltage regulator. This voltage is controlled by a variable resistor. When passengers enter into elevator, the controlling system initially put some voltage by decreasing resistance. It keeps increasing voltage by decreasing resistance until the motion sensor sense any movement of the lift. When the lift starts to move to the right direction, the system stops applying more voltage. So, it keeps constant voltage for that specific journey. An elevator`s function is to convert electrical power, which runs he motor ,into mechanical power. The elevator has a motor and a worn gear motor. A worm gear system is made up of a worm gear, typically called the worm, and a larger round gear, typically called the worm gear. These two gears have rotational axes and they are perpendicular to each other. These two gears decrease the rotational speed and also change the plane of rotation. By decreasing the rotation speed, with the…