Control Technology Techniques Essay

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Procedure 1:- product inspection, where every product is examined visually, and often using a stereo microscope for fine detail before the product is sold into the external market.
Advantage to manufacturer- they can ensure that each product is exactly perfect and the same as the rest.
Advantage to customer- they can be assured that the product will not have any blemishes or imperfections- there is a good finish.

Procedure 2:- batch testing- coded tests that are run all at once
Advantage to manufacturer- easier to test a whole batch, instead of having to randomly select some from each batch- more efficient.
Advantage to customer- most of the batches are put through without any interruption- quicker.

Procedure 3:- random sampling (test using machines such as the universal testing machines, used to test the tensile stress and compressive strength of materials )
Advantage to manufacturer- Each batch can be tested, but only a few have to be taken out- less chance of missing a malfunction.
Advantage to customer- Less chance of receiving a batch that has missed the quality control standards- higher chance of a usable product.

Procedure 4:- limit switches (a switch operated by the motion of a machine part or presence of an object. They are used as interlocks, to prevent undesired states in a machine.)
Advantage to manufacturer- Prevent a lot of products being made before the error is detected- will automatically stop the machine so that they can sort it out…