Controlling Immigration Essay

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I. Controlling Immigration A. Isolationist America 1. America had little use for the immigrants who came into America 2. 2/3 of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe 3. “One hundred Percent Americans” drew back at the sight of New Immigrants 4. Congress tried to stop the influx of immigrants with the Emergency Quota Act B. Emergency Quota Act 1. New comers from Europe were restricted in any given year to a definite quota, which was set at 3 percent of the people of their nationality who had been living in the United States in 1910. 2. This was favorable to Southern and Eastern Immigrants because most of them had already arrived before 1910 C. Immigration Act of 1924 1. In 1924, the Emergency Quota Act was replaced by Immigration Act. The quotas from the foreigners were cut from 3 % to 2 % and the census date was changed from 1910 to 1890 2. The purpose of these acts were to freeze America’s existing racial composition Northern Europe 3. The immigration act was largely sanctioned towards the Japanese. a. This caused “Hate America riots irrupted in Japan. 4. Exempt from the quota system was Canada and Latin America D. No Vacancy Signs 1. The quota system affected the pivotal departure in American policy. 2. It claimed the nation was filling up and a “No vacancy” sign was needed. 3. 1931 more foreigners left than arrived. a. This made America sacrifice their ethnic diversity 4. Immigrant ties were cut off but left patchwork of ethnic communities b. These patches were separated from each other and larger societies by language, religion, and custom related