Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study

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Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study
Angel O’Neal
HSM 230
March 12, 2014
Kimberly Cowburn
Acre Woods Retirement Community Case Study
1. What are some potential legal and ethical issues present in this case study?
The potential legal and ethical issue that is present in this case would be Mark not using the money in the way he was supposed to by eliminating very vital parts of the pool project. Mark failed to justify why the nonskid pads on the stairs or wheelchair accessibility was not provided. Mark also failed to hold himself accountable and will not say where the money went that was designated for the pool project nor did he return the funds which are misappropriation of funds. Marks irresponsibility can cause someone to get hurt or even worse (death).
2. How would you characterize the director’s behavior?
Marks behavior is clearly irrational. He has failed to take care of his responsibility as any director should. Mark could have handled the conversation between himself and Sarah more professionally instead of disregarding her concerns when it was clear that she had the patient’s safety and well-being at heart.
3. Is the director an ethical role model? Why or why not?
No, Mark is not an ethical role model. He demonstrates arrogance and unacceptable behavior. Mark is in a position that is designed to help people and instead he uses funds misappropriately, he never accepts responsibility for his actions and he failed to uphold the mission of that organization.
4. Where the director’s messages congruent with the organizations stated mission?
No the directors messages were not congruent with the organizations stated