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Newspaper headlines homework

Article #1

Headline: SOPA, PIPA: What you need to know

Paraphrase : According to S.Condon, journalist at CBS news (January 18,2012) the proposals will protected against copyright violation and theft of intellectual theft property .Those bills are supported by many entertaining and companies but also rejected by Internet advocates and providers like Silicon Valley which claim that those potential laws will stop the freedom on the World Wide Web

In text-citation: “The bills are intended to strengthen protections against copyright infringement and intellectual property theft, but Internet advocates say they would stifle expression on the World Wide Web. In essence, the legislation has pitted content providers -- like the music and film industries -- against Silicon Valley. CBS Corporation is among the media and entertainment companies that support the legislation.” (Condon, 2012, January 18,para.2).

Reference List:

Condon,S.(2012,January,18). SOPA, PIPA: What you need to know.CBSNEWS.Retrived March13, 2012 from

Article #2

Headline: Growing Chorus of Opposition to "Stop Online Piracy Act"

Paraphrase: in its website the center for democracy and technology (January 9,2012) the proposals fierce opponents of sent many letters to the congress, and one letter from Law professors the SOPA will destroy one the best part of the US economy : the Online Commerce. This bill will violates the US first amendement.This proposal is bad because it directly repressive affects the American foreign free policy on Internet ,fact that used by restrictive government to censor Internet

In text-citation: “.In sum, SOPA is a dangerous bill. It threatens the most vibrant sector of our economy – Internet commerce. It is directly at odds with the United States’ foreign policy of Internet openness, a fact that repressive regimes will seize upon to justify their censorship of the Internet. And it violates the First Amendment” (Center for Democracy and Technology 2012, January 9, para.7).

Reference List:

Center for Democracy & Technology. (2012). Growing Chorus of Opposition to Stop Online Piracy Act” .CBSNEWS.Retrived March13, 2012 from

Article #3

Headline: It’s Not Over: SOPA’s Chief Sponsor Isn’t Backing Down

Paraphrase: Masable, the largest independent online news site dedicated to covering digital culture, social media and technology (January 9,2012) asserts that the SOPA and PIPA advocates won’t stop in front a mass opposition. One of them, the House Judiciary Committee chairman Lamar Smith claims that both bills will only punish people who practice illegal activities like copyright violation and will not censor internet

In text-citation: “.SOPA’s lead backer says he’s not backing down and “expects to move forward” […] Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the House Judiciary Committee chairman, also dismissed charges that the bill amounts to censorship. “Obviously there’s no censorship in the bill and no one can indicate any censorship whatsoever. It’s not censorship to want to stop illegal activity,” Smith told the publication. “That’s all we do. We’re trying to impede illegal activity by foreign websites.”

(.It’s Not Over: SOPA’s Chief Sponsor Isn’t Backing Down, 2012, n.d. para.2,3,4).

Reference List:

It’s Not Over: SOPA’s Chief Sponsor Isn’t Backing Down. (2012).Retrieved March13, 2012 from

Article #4

Headline: Supporters of SOPA, PIPA stick to their guns

Paraphrase: Steve Tapp, The US chairman of the intellectual property affirmed that the opposition was incomprehensive because authors of those bills improve it, especially with the cancel of the part which block felonious website sites