Conundrums In James Dashner's The 13th Reality

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In your life, every single action pioneers a set of chain events that can or could lead to insurmountable occurrences. What if every time you made a choice, that one choice had a significant consequence, in our world, our a new reality altogether? What if you hadn’t made that one decision, the life it would’ve been? In James Dashner’s new series, The 13th Reality, Atticus Higginbottom commences on a series of conundrums that could ultimately lead to him altering realities he hasn’t even begun to fathom. Throughout this journal, I will be predicting what happens next, visualizing the setting of the story, and connecting with the characters.

Recently in the story, the main character, Atticus, better known as “Tick” finally sifted through the hints of the letters, and found the magic words inside of them. Atticus now needs to get rid of the irrelevant information and follow through with the instructions. I predict that Tick will be brought to Master George with Mothball: “When ya finally
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Atticus has been ridiculed from a young age about his name and shunned for having an abnormal birthmark on his neck. As dumb as it sounds, I as well have once been made fun of because of my name. You can tell that the bullies made fun of Tick: “Hope you get home by suppertime, Icky Ticky Stinkbottom” (Dashner24). Billy “The Goat” was notorious in Tick’s school for being a bully, and Tick seemed to be his favorite victim. In my opinion, I think Atticus would be a very cool name to have. Another way I can connect with Atticus is with his strong relationship with his father. For example, James Dashner is very tacit when describing relationships. He doesn’t deliberately and bluntly say Tick has a strong relationship with his dad, Edgar, but it is implied. I can connect to this by having a strong relationship with my father as well. Primarily, I enjoyed connecting with the characters throughout the