Convenience Store and Tesco Essay

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Tesco utilize huge efforts in fulfilling every needs and wants of their customers at any cost. Thus, to provide more sufficient services they provide various facilities to consumers which one is the Internet shopping. De Kare-Silver (2000) states that Tesco learn about internet shopping and home delivery and that service levels and interactions take place are a long way from their potential gaining success in providing customer satisfaction. The website offers the facilities of shopping from home and make customer more convenient and beneficial. According to the research by GartnerG2, " 81 percent of online consumers value convenience when making a purchase online compared with 33 percent who value price savings". However, Clubcard is also another service that is provided to the customers which helps the customer to save the money and clubcard also provides special offers and exclusive discounts.

The purpose of providing service to people by Tesco is to deliver the best services than other retailers and obtain a real pride towards their work and their company. It also helps in leading the business forward. Tesco provide services to people by recognizing the strength of individual person unconcerning their background and supporting them to reach their goals. In terms of workplace, Tesco aim is to provide job service to all types of age group people including old, young or middle-age person. Tesco Slogan "Everyone is welcome" clarifies that each individuals are different and have got a unique talents and experiences who can contribute to the role. The company built up a good relationship with the staff through the service provided as well as the staff use their own ideas to help the customers regarding their queries providing the solution of it. Moreover, the company produces qualitative products so that it could attract new customers giving better