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Convert If You Haven’t As we go through this world knowing that life is changing drastically, we also need to realize that the earth is changing as well. With life on earth we need to keep it healthy and protect what’s ours, because by the time we know everything we cherish vanishes, we will have nothing left to protect. The most important is what we live on: planet earth. With earth cultivating to our needs, we need to attain the same aspect earth is presenting to us. Earth is protecting us in ways that we cannot understand because we are ignorant to listen and help out, even though there is news that earth is falling apart. If we were to soak up all the consequences and take it seriously, we can save our planet slowly, which in the long run will make it a better place to live on.
If everyone commits to a little change, we can prevent our planet from deteriorating and manage to save our planet for future generations to come. One diminutive change that we can apply to our daily lives is the light fixture we use. Although everyone wants to save money, there is the debate between incandescent lights and energy efficient lights. Three of the energy efficient lights are fluorescent lights, CFL known as compact fluorescent lamp and LED known as light-emitting diodes. Energy efficient lights are a bit more expensive; they have many benefitting factors such as decreasing energy consumption, last longer and saving a lot more money for the actual lights. As many may know, fluorescent light bulbs are better to use to conserve energy and money.…