Convict: Personality Psychology and Valerie Coats Winston Essay

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Valerie Coats
23 April 2013
Puzzle Piece
When I consider who I am as a person, my initial formulation is of a sociological master status. That is, an African-American female student at Howard University. This status could describe me in a nutshell, but because it is so general, it could also describe over half of my peers. Transitioning from being a student in high school, to a student at Howard has challenged many of my personal characteristics and sought thorough adaptation. Thus, my narrative identity is progressing and I am whole, but in pieces; I have faith that my path is predetermined. Similar to a puzzle, I will eventually come together as a collective entity; however, that will require some diligent work, focus, and attention.
The pieces of my personal puzzle are scattered. However, in their own spaces they are full and active. They represent my traits and characteristics. As I cultivate my narrative identity, I can see in different contexts, how I employ my skills where most necessary. For example, I have not used all of my truth and service characteristics at once, yet they have been selectively used where needed. Much of my life story is made up of recollections of times where I have been challenged. Through these obstacles, my characteristic adaptations have become essential. Depending on the situation, especially some experiences at Howard, it has been crucial for me to adjust to my surroundings and make the best of what I have