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Emily Spengler
Rough draft I always thought life's all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them?

When I was 3 years old my parents left for 2 months to get my baby sister from Russia. I remember them being overly happy and excited because I always saw them smiling next to a computer and saying how lucky they are. I didn’t quite like the idea of having another child living in the house. I felt so special to my parents, because we did everything together. No one could replace our special bond and I was worried my new sister would. My parents dropped me off at my Yiayia and Poulie’s house (grandma and grandpa in Greek). I absolutely adored going over there. Whenever I was there I always thought I was in another world because of how well I was treated. It was beyond perfect there, the house was always cleaned and my room was always so colorful. When my mom and dad dropped me off we shared many hugs and kisses, in fact I believe my mother cried but I don’t blame her because I would cry too if I had to leave my baby girl for 2 months. As soon as left I jumped on my Yiayia and gave her the biggest hug you could ever imagine. She and I are closer than anything in the world. I feel the safest when I’m by her side. I feel like no one could ever hurt me. Every time I’m with her we do something different, I had no idea what she had in store for these 2 months. But I know no matter what she picked id enjoys it because I’d be with her.

As the days went on we would do our normal routine, waking up and enjoying a wonderful homemade breakfast that she cooked for me. If there’s anything that she loved the most it would be to cook. She’s always cooking something new; I believed that it was her happiness. At about noon, Yiayia would take me to Oakbrook shopping center. It was our special thing to do together because I loved getting new shoes and she loved being with me. When we would get there I’d make her go with me to the middle of the building where the piano is. We would listen to the pianist and dance and sing together. She would hold me in her arms and sway me back and forth to the beat of the song. We could do this for hours; it would never get tiring for us. After being exhausted from shopping we would go home to a wonderful dinner cooking for us by my Poulie. My Yiayia would help him cook while I had my special free time to go outside and do whatever my heart desired. Most of the time it would involve going on my bike or drawing on the sidewalk. My poulie would call me in and always say “Time for