Cooking and Love Project Expressing Essay

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2) Love is an emotion that every animal in the planet feels. You feel love when you are with someone who knows a lot about you, someone you like to spend time with. It could be anyone. It could be either your mom & dad, your siblings, your friends or your lovers. People always do various things for their loved ones for Valentine’s Day. But Valentine’s Day is not the only day that you can do things for the people you love. You can do things whenever you want to show them that you care about them. That’s what “doing something completely out love” means. You don’t need to hug, touch or do anything else to express your love. I have done things like helping my parents with house-chores, making birthday cards etc. to express my love towards them. I have seen the smiles on their faces when I do things to show my appreciation. So this time I chose to cook a meal all by myself for my family. My brother would go “Oh please..She..Cooking, you better cook something for us mom”. Believe or not he has done that before, one time when I said I am going to cook. As a sixteen year old I have never cooked all by myself without any help from my mom. I have only helped my mom when cooking. So this time I made a decision to put me on a challenging situation to do something completely out of love for my family.

I can only do instant food like frying omelets, making hot dogs, noodles and rice. When comparing me to my mother, I feel ashamed, because my mom had started cooking all by herself when she was thirteen years old. I not only