Cooking thingy Essay

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Equipment o Large ovenproof dish o Sharp knife o Sauce Pan o Chopping Board o Table spoon o Wooden spoon o Hand whisk o Metal dish o Cheese Grater o Sieve o Bowl o Apron
Time Method Reminders
0:00-5:00 Pre heat the oven to gas mark 5, prepare my vegetables Use ‘bridge and claw’ method, put all leftovers into the metal dish
5:00-15:00 Dry fry my mince, add onion and garlic Make sure the meat is mostly cooked before adding the vegetables.
15:00-25:00 Add tomato puree, herbs and canned tomatoes. Stir them in and leave to simmer, stir when liquid rises to the top, and make my white sauce by putting milk and flour into a pan stir it continuously till its thick then take it off the heat, wait for it to cool down then add SOME of the grated cheese. ALWAYS stir the white sauce, put empty cans onto the metal dish, and only use some of the grated cheese so that I have some left for the topping. Wait for the white sauce to cool down BEFORE adding the cheese, otherwise the cheese would be really stringy.
25:00-35:00 Take the meat of the heat, put a layer of meat into the bottom of the oven proof dish, put some pasta sheets over the top of it, add another layer and repeat these steps till all of the meat is gone then add the white sauce and sprinkle the rest of the cheese onto of the lasagne Make sure that all of the meat is fully cooked (no red bits anywhere). Save most of the white sauce for the topping. Don’t eat all of