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Certificate III Community Services Work
Assessment Two – Sector and Service Delivery Quiz
Greg Defrenne

Part A 1. a) Family Services b) Emergency Relief c) Disability Services d) Health and Mental Health Services e) Drug and Alcohol Services

2. a) Communicare – flood relief
b) Accordwest – funeral assistance
c) Beehive Industries of WA – life skills
d) Outkare Hakea Family Support Centre – domestic and family violence
e) Next Step - Counselling

3. The drug and alcohol services would have an immense amount of interaction with the mental health services due to the direct link between drugs and mental health. There would often be referrals between the two sectors.

4. WAAMH is a peak body associated with the mental health sector.

5. WAAMH plays the role of supporting NGO’s via membership and by providing training, mentoring, support, representation and systemic advocacy.

6. WACOSS is the leading peak organisation for the Social Services Sector in WA. The role of WACCOS is to speak for the hundreds of thousands of people who use the community sector in WA. They represent more than 300 member organizations and more than 800 organisations associated with the provision of services to the community.

7. a) Therapy ACT - This is a program area of the Community Services Directorate. It provides a range of multidisciplinary therapy and support services for people with delays in development and developmental disabilities aged from birth to age 65. These include such things as client and family focused services, valuing and representing the needs of clients and efficient and effective service delivery.

b) Housing ACT social housing and homelessness services - a coherent program of services that work together to achieve a shared outcome. Each, is part of a wider system characterised by collaboration, partnership and a seamless experience of receiving support from the client’s perspective.

8. a) The Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

b) The Department for Child Protection.

9. a) The Department helps to support family and children through services, benefits and payments. Also grants are provided for organizations providing services for families and children.
b) The Department provides a wide range of child safety and family support services across WA. This includes children and young people in care, crisis and emergency accommodation and fostering and adoption. 10. At the head of the organization is a board of directors generally made of community members. Under these directors is a manager or coordinator who is in charge of the remaining members which are the staff members. These staff members are the people who will directly assist the final members of the tree which are the clients.
11. a) A Counsellor involved in youth work – Your main duties would include counselling troubled youth. This would entail disusing strategies for the many problems todays youth face. Some of these aspects would include drugs and alcohol, mental health and homelessness.
b) A nurse involved in the mental health sector – The duties of the nurse would include the handing out of medication, daily notes of clients progress / well being and talking with clients in a friendly, open-minded manner.
12. a) Rehabilitation clinics being backlogged – I believe this is a severe issue for the window of clarity for drug users is often short and not long lived. If a drug addict is ready to get clean and find that there is a three month waiting list to be provided the services chances are that the opportunity may have been missed to reform the individual.
b) Not enough youth emergency accommodation – Having youth at risk on…