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High School vs. College Education is a significant aspect in an individual’s life as it prepares them for a career and teaches them life lessons. New experiences are ongoing, and one gets ready for adulthood. During the five years of high school, you get to create close bonds with friends from elementary, teachers, and new people you meet. You construct an image for yourself that stays throughout the years. The next step after high school is college or university and these years are a defining period in your life. Even though the transition from high school is arduous and intimidating, with hard work comes success. These two worlds are very distinct, but they have their similarities. The workload, responsibilities, and cost are crucial factors for the shift from high school to college.
To begin with, the amount of work completed in high school is much less than in college. You get few assignments in a week and they are worth little compared to college assignments that can be each worth fifteen percent or more of your final grade. Because of the heavy workload, you may not have much leisure time. More effort is required since the assignments are more challenging. In high school, you have many unit tests and one final exam whereas in college you have only a couple assignments and a couple exams. In addition, you have many more readings to complete and you can't fall behind in your studies otherwise it will be hard to catch up. If you miss an assignment in high school you won't be penalized while in college it can drastically affect your grade. The first year in college you take introductory classes and you learn similar things that you did in high school. In high school, you study for at least five hours outside of class per week, while in college you study for fifteen hours or more.