Cool New Products and Their Description Essay

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Jonathan Vannelli

Cool Item #1: PRYNT - first instant camera case.

PRYNT is the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android. This product allows smartphone users to print pictures in just under 30 seconds. PRYNT is portable, lightweight and easy to use. In today’s technological word, smartphones have replaced the use of traditional portable cameras, people are using their smartphones everyday in order to capture memorable moments - anywhere from selfies to once-in-a-lifetime experiences. In most cases, all of these pictures are either being posted on social media or being stored into your phone. Often, these pictures become lost and forgotten because they fail to get printed and put into an physical album. PRYNT solves this problem by printer every one of those memorable photos. The PRYNT has a beautiful design and comes in a variety of colours with a leather finishing. PRYNT uses a special paper with the ink embedded inside, so consumers will never have to replace the ink cartridge. Each case holds 10 sheets of paper and re-fills can be purchased through PRYNT’s mobile app.

I chose this “cool” item because I believe it is very innovative and that there is nothing that exist like it on the market today. As a smartphone owner, I use my iPhone camera every day. I have hundred of pictures stored on my iPhone that I would love to get printed although I think that it is a hassle to go to the printing store and get this done. Therefore, having a printer attached to the my iPhone would easily resolve this issue.


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Cool Item #2: The Dash - Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones

The Dash is a completely wireless headphone