Coolness: Profanity and Great Vine Essay

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BriYana Wade
Rht 101
Ms Hart
20 September 2013

The best fights aren't always inside the boxing ring; they are often outside the ring in a public area where someone can grab some kind of blunt object and bust the opponents head wide open. Fights have always been one exciting thing about high school, no matter what, kids are always going to remember the fights that got around to the whole school about the boy who got his head knocked in by a brick outside or the girl who got pulled off the bus and got her ass beat by a gang of other girls. Regardless, when there’s a fight going on, you can believe it is because of a scandalous rumor or just something stupid, but it’s going to be exciting!
My freshman year is a perfect example of a rumor behind a fight. I can recall this memory as if it happened yesterday. In high school I had to take a remedial math class because I was just terrible at math. Since I was in a whole new city different from Chicago and I didn't grow up with these kids I went to school with, I hardly knew anyone. When I had met Alejandra we had the same personality and were both really crazy so we bonded quickly; she became someone I could rely on. Later on in our math class we were introduced to a girl named Elizabeth, and she just stuck onto us like glue, together we became a little trio. We all got along fairly well and were just really close with each other; we never had any serious problems in our small clique. So one week when Elizabeth wasn't at school, me and Alejandra was in our math class which was more like a study hall because we did whatever whenever. Anyways, Ale and I were looking through each other’s phones when I noticed pictures of Elizabeth.
I giggled before I spoke “Have you noticed how many moles Elizabeth has?" Before responding, Ale had given me a strange look and said
"No. I don't look at her like that, is it a bad thing?”
"No. I was just saying" I said.
The rest of that class was so awkward from that small conversation. The next day, Elizabeth had returned and I noticed that all that day she and ale had been all buddy buddy that day. I didn't think anything of it however so I just blew it off and figured it would just blow-over.
Throughout the rest of the week I guess they had been conjuring up stupid little lies that I had supposedly said about Elizabeth because in gym class, which we all have together , this girl Alexis had approached me and some friends I was walking with. Alexis had been walking with Elizabeth and Ale and I assumed she was coming to start trouble, in which I was correct.
“Hey” she said
“What's up” I replied
“Why don't you like Elizabeth?” she said bluntly
“Who said I didn't like her?”
“I heard it through the great vine”
“What the fuck is the great vine?” I replied. I could feel myself getting mad simply because she was being a smart-ass.
Before she could respond Elizabeth and Alejandra had walked over to us.
“So I heard you were talking shit about me” Elizabeth said
"Uhhhh no, I have no reason to do that so...” I stated.
“Well I heard you were”
“Well like I just said, I didn't say anything negative about you.” I said back. The whole time this was going on Alejandra is watching us go back and forth with amazement in her eyes and her being just as quiet as mouse. I continued, "The only thing I had said about you was that you have a lot of moles on your face which is true. It wasn't anything bad or anything."
“OK, I guess” Elizabeth said half believing me. So I continued to walk around with my friends to calm myself down. Unfortunately the drama twins had yet again