Coonskin Caps And Lefty Scissors Analysis

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Coonskin Caps and Lefty Scissors The film begins with a tour of the Bishops’ house; the inhabitants are only beginning their day. Curiously enough the children, three boys and one girl, meet around a record player in a pastel yellow room. The sounds of a symphony orchestra thunder throughout the room, and the faces of the children are stoic at best. The camera pans to an angle of the girl looking through binoculars out the window, and Wes Anderson’s picture, Moonrise Kingdom, has already teased the audience with its surreal cinematography by displaying a pastel-hued masterpiece. I fell in love with this movie because I felt certain aspects of my life paralleled the story. As the plot moves along, all of the characters, save the three boys, are facing crises with some problems more apparent than others. My life in the same sense was feeling unbalanced, and I looked to Suzy as a girl in the same place. In three different ways Suzy and I faced similar situations or countered with identical reactions. The first instance was motive; even though I did not plan my escape like Suzy, I felt a desperate need to leave. Like Suzy, I strayed from the straight path that my parents had shown me. With her tiny kitten in a basket and her suitcase full of overdue library books, she followed a coonskin-capped boy. With my anxiety and naivety I followed a path of confusion. Both of us made mistakes along the way due to dreams …show more content…
Nevertheless both Suzy and I found the silver lining. It is because of this film that I know things eventually become better, and I have learned to appreciate my love and gratitude for my mother. My outlook on life’s hardships will forever be changed thanks to Wes Anderson’s powerful film that will inevitably keep me happy for many moonrises to