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The information you provide on this form is reviewed at your initial meeting with your Employment Facilitator. Please complete it, retain it for your records and take it to your Employment Facilitator when you meet one-on-one at the beginning of your work term job search.

Ruqayyah Alyousif
Program title:
Business- Marketing

Student #:
Program Year:
First Year

Tell us a little about yourself, including your strengths and interests. What are your long-term career goals?

I’m an international student, from Saudi Arabia. I’m 26 years old. I worked in my home country as a store manager for about a year. I have a good leadership skills and I love teamwork. I’m planning to open a small business in the future. I’m a very creative person, I love painting and handicrafts. Currently, I would like to work in Canada to gain experience.

Tell us about your academic program, including the courses and topics you prefer and/or wish to focus on during a work term?
i) Which courses you are enjoying:

I’m enjoying my CO-OP class I found it very useful and interesting. I also enjoy MATH classes and BUS 280. The BUS 280 is really interesting class, it is about making a business plan and how to make sure that your business plan is going be successful.

ii) What skills you would like to use and contribute on your co-op work term:

Teamwork, flexibility, creativity, leadership skills, Computing skills, and organizing skills.

iii) What skills you want to learn and develop:

I already know how to be a leader for a group of people and also in organizing, but when it comes to apply these skills to a new place work and a new team, it takes me along time to get used to it. So I would like to learn more about leadership and how to have the confidence to do the work without any difficulty.

iv) What type of position do you feel would help you use the skills mentioned above?

I would like to work under a team leader to gain experience from him/her, and see how things work in a work place.

A self directed job search goes beyond waiting for and applying for positions through CIMS. As is the case with the broader job market, accessing the hidden job market is critical to your success. You are expected to immediately use the skills and information being developed and discussed in your WEP program by taking such actions as: making contacts through your own network; researching companies in your area of interest; setting up and conducting informational interviews; and applying for positions external to CIMS. How can the Co-op Program and staff support you in these aspects of an effective and self directed job search?

I would like them to direct me to the best work positions I can have here in Canada.