Coors' Balanced Scorecard Essay

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Question 1
Link the Coors vision statement to Coors key business strategies or “six planks”. Are there any gaps?
Coors key business strategies or “six planks” are overall well aligned with the company’s vision statement. Coors key business strategies, baseline growth, incremental growth, product quality, distributor service, productivity gains and people can be associated to Coors’ vision to focus on continuing to build upon its existing foundation by improving quality, service, boosting profitability and developing employee skills. The emphasis on improving quality and service should increase Coors’ products’ popularity, which in theory should lead to baseline growth of its key brands and should increase its chances to incrementally
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Another factor contributing to this gap may be that a bottleneck takes place due to the possibility of understaffing taking place in this department. Also, they could be using outdated and inefficient equipment
In addition, I would like to express my opinion on Coors’ somewhat unrealistic target of 100%. The company should strive for a target between 90% and 99%. In my opinion, setting a target of 100% or perfection seems unrealistic for such a large and complex operation, especially after coming from a 30% historical performance.

CIL Project Performance
Non-Monetary Pre Post Target Gap

Load Item Accuracy 90% 95% 100% 5%

Possible explanation: The gap of 5% in this performance measure is very small and I would say is adequate and realistic considering the number of items being handled. The current process may have reached its full accuracy potential and that is 95%, the employees may not be aware of management expectations and goals, or they may be using inefficient methods.

Question 3 (answer continued)

CIL Project Performance
Non-Monetary Pre Post Target Gap

Production Stability 25%