Coping With Stress Essay

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Coping With Stress I don’t have a very good mechanism for dealing with stress in my life. I have a bad habit of not taking care of things that will become stressful to me, and when I start getting too stressed out because of them, I just want to go hide from the stress. When I do let myself get too stressed, I try and take a break from whatever is causing the stress and listen to music to relax myself a little bit. Listening to music is normally a good way to relax me enough to be able to handle whatever stress I am feeling. In the future, I might want to try some sort of meditation to help me to handle my stress. I’ve heard many people, including some of my nursing friends, say how good meditation is for relaxation and for stress management. I have not tried it myself, but I think it would be a good method for relieving myself of stress in my life as well as helping me to know myself a little better by having a chance to reflect on my life. I need to learn to avoid some of the stress in my life. A lot of the things I do only add to my stress. I procrastinate very badly in my work sometimes, so when the deadlines come up, I do not feel prepared or ready to turn in assignments or to take tests or do other important tasks. I need to learn to manage my time better in the future so that I do not leave tasks until the last minute and add unnecessary stress to my life. I could also learn to limit myself to the tasks that I commit to. Sometimes, I want to help people out so much that I commit to more tasks than I can handle. For example, I work at night, so sometimes my nurses will call me and ask me if I can come in to work and help out because they are short or