Copper Frame Write Up Essay

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Copper Frame Write Up
Copper Endex coupling
Copper Endex Equal Tee
Copper Endex Elbow
Steel ruler
Piece of paper
Pipe bender
Automatic pipe slice
Propane blow lamp
Unleaded solder
Heat proof mat
Set square
15mm copper piping
Pressure tester
First of all you need to draw out the outline of the frame on a piece of paper with a pencil and using a ruler to draw the lines the correct length. Then with an automatic pipe slice I cut out 65mm piece, and then push it into a copper endex equal tee. Then measure from the end of the pipe to the centre of the fitting and make sure it measures 65mm. Then cut out a piece of copper around 90mm with the automatic pipe slice and put it into the equal tee, and get a copper endex coupling and put on the other end of the 90mm pipe. Now cut out a piece around 280mm and mark with a pencil right in the middle and put in the manual pipe bender, get a set square and bend so it’s a perfect right angle. Then measure from centre of bend to the end of one side and it should be 125mm so mark where you need to cut the remainder off, then measure from the centre of the bend to the other end and it should be 115mm so cut off the remainder so it’s at this length. Then put the 125mm end into the first endex coupling, and fit another endex coupling on the other end of the bend, the 115mm end. Use a ruler to make sure there are correct lengths from centre to centre. Then cut out a 105mm piece of copper with the automatic pipe slice and fit in the other end of the endex coupling, and put a copper endex elbow on the end of that pipe. Keep measuring from centre to centre of fittings know they’re correct, use the piece of paper from the start to keep in line as well. Then cut out a 185mm piece of copper and put in the end of the bottom endex elbow, then put an endex equal tee on the end of the pipe. Then cut out a 95mm piece of copper pipe and put it in the direct opposite side of the Tee, now try put it on the piece of paper and it should fit within the lines that you drew. Now there needs to be a bend that goes in both top and bottom tees that completes the frame. First cut out a piece of copper