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1)Which of the following countries was NOT a member of the Axis powers? (Page Ref: 709)
*The Soviet Union
Germany 2)All of the following groups were targeted by Hitler in the mass executions that would become known as the "final solution" EXCEPT (Page Ref: 715­716)
*musicians. ...CATHOLICS homosexuals. mental deviants.

3)HItler promised the German people all of the following EXCEPT (Page Ref: 710) to defeat the communists. to restore political stability. to remilitarize Germany.
*to rid Germany of the kulaks. to put Germans back to work.

4)Which of the following statements concerning warfare in the European theater during World
War II is most accurate? (Page Ref: 714)
The war quickly turned into a trench warfare stalemate with both sides working to gain additional allies. *By the summer of 1940, most of France lay in German hands, while a semi­fascist collaborative regime ruled in Vichy.
British resistance crumbled before the air assaults of Germany, and an amphibious assault knocked the British from the war.
From 1939 on, the chief resistance to the German advance was provided by American forces.
France mounted a fanatic defense of its home territories, only succumbing to the Nazi advance in 1944. 5)Hitler came to power in Germany (Page Ref: 710) with the support of the upper and lower classes but financed by the Soviets. after a lengthy civil war between forces of conservatives and communists. after a short, but violent, overthrow of the constitutional government.
*as a result of entirely legal and constitutional means. with the support of socialists.

6)Universally recognized as the greatest naval battle in history, the Japanese fleet was effectively put out of commission at (Page Ref: 717)
Coral Sea.
Iwo Jima.
Wake Island.

7)President Roosevelt met with the other major Allies in 1945 at (Page Ref: 720)

8)A Jewish homeland to be called Israel was established in 1948 (Page Ref: 728) in Saudi Arabia. in Algeria in Syria. in Egypt.
*in Palestine. 9)Germany's war effort was based on the concept of (Page Ref: 713) horse­mounted infantry.
trench warfare. massive naval battles.

10)Which of the following did NOT contribute to the fall of France to the Germans? (Page Ref:
Divided and weak leadership
Delays over rearming the French forces
*The refusal of English troops to fight with the French
A thoroughly demoralized French population
The German use of "blitzkrieg" 11)In order to avoid a two­front war, Hitler signed a nonaggression pact with this country in
1939. (Page Ref: 712)
*The Soviet Union

Italy 12)After 1937, the government of Japan was dominated by (Page Ref: 710) socialists who gained power in the aftermath of the depression. a democratic government elected after the fall of the emperor. the emerging estate of middle­class liberals intent on a broader franchise. labor unions whose position was strengthened by their control of industry.
*a military regime dedicated to the ultra­nationalist goals. 13)In 1931, the Japanese army marched into ________ and declared it an independent state.
(Page Ref: 710)
the Philippines

14)Which of the following was NOT a result of the peace treaties signed following World War II?
(Page Ref: 721)
Germany was divided into four zones of occupation.
Austria was divided and occupied.
The United States occupied Japan.
*German industrial power was destroyed.
The Soviet Union took much of eastern Poland, while the Poles were compensated by receiving part of eastern Germany. 15)Hitler's last­ditch effort to repel the Allied armies became known as (Page Ref: 716) the Battle of Britain. the Battle of Paris. the Battle of the