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Roman Times
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Riyona Johnson

March 16, 44 BC

The Tragedy of
Julius Caesar

Put to Death For His

by: Riyona Johnson

Y esterday Our beloved Julius
Caesar was assassinated. Soon after returning from war Caesar lost his life. A life filled with plenty and political duties contributing to make Rome a better society. He died a honorable death
. Caesar was assassinated in the
Roman Senate on the Ides of

Julius Caesar

March (15 March) of 44 BC by a group of conspirators ran by his adopted son, Brutus.
Jealousy,Scandal and Power killed an innocent man.A man who didn't deserve to die.Caesar was loved by many and will forever be missed.We love you Caesar.

During the riots, one Cinna the
Poet was put to death for having sxdcejthe same name as Cinna the Conspirator. Cinna’s wife has quoted one rioter as saying,
“It is no matter, his name’s
Cinna!” (Act 3, Scene 3, line 34)
This plebeian had already been informed that Cinna was not a
Conspirator. No charges have been laid by Cinna’s now widowed wife and her children for reparations.

Chaos In Rome

Caius Cassius Caius Cassius­ died 42 BC
Caius Cassius, one of the main conspirators in the killing of
Julius Caesar, killed himself during the battle of Philippi.
being manipulative, conniving and micheave and being told his good friend
Tititnus was killed Cassius committed indirect suicide.He directed a slave to stab. The
Funeral will be held March

The capital city of Rome plunged into chaos after the murder of
Julius Caesar. The riots were the culmination of nearly a week of excitement, stemming from rumors that Caesar meant to be crowned a King. The events that took place during and