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Are we raising a generation of helpless kids?

There is a line between helping your child navigate in the world and stepping in to take over in place of your child. This line should never be crossed. Instead of letting things go that happened between a child and teacher or child and coach or child and
Scout leader, some parents involve themselves in their child's problems. Or, some parents do the work for their child so that they will not experience failure.
This will make a child dependant on their parents for everything. I believe children should learn to take responsibility for their actions and learn from their mistakes. Sure in certain situation such as bullying, I believe a parent should get involved to stop and rash decisions done by the bullied child.
Everyone depends on their parents throughout their childhood but when do they know when to stop? I'm a seventeen year old senior in high school and i've been working since I was a freshman. I work at a blacktop plant in flushing queens making my own money and saving. Over the summer I would work forty hours plus. Working full time and with adults has shaped me and has given me the right mindset to becoming independent. I have a handful of friends who currently do not work and some that have not worked a day in their life. So that brings us back to the main question. Are we raising a generation of helpless kids?
“When a college freshman received a C­ on her first test, she literally had a meltdown in class. Sobbing, she texted her mother who called back, demanding to talk to the professor immediately (he, of course,