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Nayaliece Gerena
Ms. Faith
Advanced Social Studies
30 April 2015 Introduction
● Attention Getter­
A debt of approximately
303.92 billion euros has caused the citizens of Greece to act out.
● Introduction of Problem­
Recently the Greek rebels have turned to street art to express their outrage.
● Importance of Problem (source)­
The debt is crucial to the state of the country because it's causing so much unrest that citizens have turned to vandalizing to voice their outrage.
● Thesis­
The citizens only want the government to fix the nations debt, and they chose to protest through street art.
● Preview of Points: Problem, Cause, Solution­
Graffiti originated from the Greeks thousands of years ago, and resurfaced due to the country's debt, the only solution to fix this crisis is for Greece to create a stable economic income system.

Body 1: Problem
● Main Idea
To begin, the government can’t control the widespread graffiti and it's taking a toll through the country's capital, Athens.
● Problem [Evidence] (source)
For instance, in the article,
Across Athens, Graffiti
Worth a Thousand Words of Malaise,
Liz Alderman says about a work of art,“It was a raw message of protest, the latest in a wave of socially and politically conscious artwork spreading over the walls of Athens,” (Alderman, 2). (flip to slide 2)
● Link (Explain Evidence)
The street artists in Greece know exactly how to make their statements seen in an intellectual way that relates to everyone.
● Link (Connect to Main Idea)
When graffiti protest are in plain sight, the government has no way to hide it, so they’re forced to face the reality of the situation. ● Problem [Evidence] (source)
Additionally, in the article,
Athens Losing War On
Graffiti, Andy Dabilis said, “Street artists promptly spray­painted the walls again the moment their work was removed and vowed to continue taking over the city,”(Dabilis, 1).
● Link (Explain Evidence)
These street artists are determined to persuade the governments to leave the "Eurozone", the currency that all of Europe uses, and

Greece recently switched to. The eurozone caused the Greek economy to become inflated, causing a recession.
● Link (Connect to Main Idea)
No matter how many times the greek government cover up the graffiti, street artists continue to paint because the government refuses to listen to its constituents.
● Link to Thesis (Flip to slide 3) They aren’t criminals, they’re Greek citizens who are pleading with the government to take their opinions into consideration and come up with a more efficient way to become economically stable.
● Review of Point (Conclusion Sentence)
The reason that the government can’t control the spread of graffiti is because of how hard the street artists, A.K.A the citizens, are fighting for their voice to be heard, with a refusal to be silenced.
Body 2: Cause
● Main Idea
Furthermore, Graffiti is not a new concept to the Greeks, it was in fact created by them back during Ancient Greek times, and resurfaced in the early 90s when the government fell into debt.
● Cause [Evidence] (source)
To illustrate, in the article,
Street Art in Athens, reporter Becki from, brings to attention, “What we did learn is that while street art in Athens predates its most recent crisis, it has
ALWAYS existed in Greece. The word graffiti actually comes from the Greek word graphi , meaning ‘to write’,” (Becki, 6).
● Link (Explain Evidence)
The citizens are doing what they perfected to show the government they need change.
● Link (Connect to Main Idea)
They’ve chased their roots to show the government that the only way to pull themselves out of this sinkhole of debt, is to change their currency. ● Cause [Evidence] (source)
Also, in the article,
Grexit May be the Best End for a
Bad Marriage,
Gideon Rachman said, “The rel