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Social Studies Strategy:

Compare and Contrast

What: Compare and Contrast is a strategy to analyze similarities (likenesses) and differences of two or more places, people, events, or things that are being compared “What has changed – “then vs now”?
“What are the sims vs the diffs?

Why: “Why did things change from “then to now”?
“Why are there differences between “this group” and “that group”?
“If there similarities, why is that?”

Basically, how are they different? Can we use “categories” and then show either side?
How are they similar – how did they do things, what was used, which animals were available to be used as materials? Intro Exercise for First Nations Diorama Project:
Compare and contrast two cell phones
Samsung Galaxy 6S vs. iPhone 6


iPhone 6

Samsung S6

Price (CDN $)



iOS 8.1

Android 5.0 Lollipop with TouchWiz


Different how?
Be specific!
Is one “better”?
Samsung is better because its $50 cheaper
They each have pros and cons but apple is known for its ‘easy to use’ operating system They are basically the same size. I doubt someone will notice a
4mm difference.
Iphone is backed with 1GB
RAM while the Samsung has 3GB RAM and a faster processor. Screen size

4.7 in

5.1 in

Computing speed

A8 chip with 64- bit architecture, M8 motion coprocessor

64-bit Samsung
Exynos processor with
14 nm technology

Up to 14 hours talk on 3G, up to 50 hours music, up