Was The United States And The Soviet Union

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Final Paper Throughout this unit, you have witnessed the fiery relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. For your final assignment, you will be asked to evaluate all the material and write a five
(5) paragraph essay answering the unit question “Was the United States made stronger or weaker as a result of the Cold War?” How you wish to structure this essay is up to you. You have free range to use whatever resources from this chapter you want. However, whatever side you choose, you must cite at least five (5) examples of the
US displaying either strength or weakness. To continue with our theme of choice, you can opt out by completing one of the following options: 1. A five(5) minute Screencast including slides that the audience
(your teacher) can follow along with OR 2. A five (5) minute live speech to your teacher to be scheduled by you. A visual aid must also be provided. Finally, in the paper itself, please cite, in parentheses, which level you are pulling your resources from. This paper will be ½ of your overall summative grade for the unit.
The other will come from a grading scale determined by the amount of points you acquired over the chapter. Good Luck, or as they say in the Soviet Union, удачи (Udachi)!

The history of the Cold War left a very strong impact on the United
States. There are many different ways it left a strong impact and I believe that the Cold War was positive for the United States. There are many different reasons why the U.S was affected positively such as the
Marshall Plan and the spread of Democracy and the situations with the atomic bombs. Also the United States got hope from the miracle on ice because they thought they eventually beat a team that they kept on losing to, they could do it in war. That was the point of view for the U.S on the cold war. The U.S were put in many different situations where they didn’t have the most time to make their decision but each situation they handled very well and that's why I think the Cold War was positive for the U.S. The first reason why the Cold War made the U.S stronger is because of the Marshall Plan. [Level 3] The Marshall plan was deal that was proposed to Europe where the United States said that if they changed their government in a democratic they would give them 17 billion dollars and Europe was in need of that money so they decided that they were going to accept that. Europe was very needy for money at the time because WW2 had just finished and they needed to rebuild their economy. The Marshall Plan was in place for four years and it began on
April 1948. The U.S plan on for this deal was to removing trading barriers, make Europe a big country again, and prevent the USSR from spreading
Communism to countries. The countries that received most of the money was United Kindom that received 26%, France who got 18%, and West
Germany who got 11%. With the 17 billion dollars they received they spent it on food, fuel, and machinery. A connection that can be made to the cold war is Rocky 3. In Rocky 3 he has to go up against a stronger fighter but he defeated him using different tactics. The U.S had this type of mindset and used different tactics such as the Marshall Plan and
Truman Doctrine to take down the USSR. The Marshall Plan was a successful proposement and Europe became strong once again. Another example that made the U.S stronger from the Cold War was the Truman

Doctrine [Level 3]. The Truman Doctrine was proposed by Harry S.
Truman and was similar to the Marshall Plan. The Truman Doctrine would provide political, economic, and military assistance to any Democratic nations and anyone that had no involvement with the Soviets. The
Truman Doctrine continuously changed the foreign policy. The Truman
Doctrine was also proposed to prevent expansion of Communism because the U.S highly disagreed with a communist government. Another positive